Solo Repertoire:

J.S. Bach
• Sonata for Violin in g minor (a minor transcription)
• Partita No. 1 in b minor for solo violin

Kevin Bobo
• Echoes
• Ella-Babella-McMella-Barbarella
• French Flies
• Gordon’s Bicycle
• Three Etudes

Michael Burritt
• Caritas
• Fermo
• Scirroco

John Cage
• Dream
• In a Landscape

Elliot Carter
• selections from Eight Pieces
for Four Timpani

Henry Cowell
• Aeolian Harp
• The Banshee

Brett William Dietz
• Madison’s Unicorn

Eric Ewazen
• Northern Lights

Benjamin Fraley
• Notions

Philip Glass
• The Opening (from Glassworks)
• Songs and Poems for Cello

Anna Ignatowicz
• Toccata

Eugene Novotney
• A Minute of News

Eric Sammut
• Caméléon

Laszlo Sary
• Pebble Playing in a Pot

Paul Smadbeck
• Virginia Tate

Gordon Stout
• Beads of Glass
• One Last Breath
• Morphic Resonance
• Two Mexican Dances
• Whatever's More
• Wood that Sings

John Thomas, III
• In a Dream

Joseph Tompkins
• March

Carl Vollrath
• The Road to Warming

Iannis Xenakis
• Rebonds


Kevin Bobo
• Three Rings

Michael Burritt
• Blue Ridge

Nathan Daughtrey
• Strange Dreams

Lane Harder
• Pierrot Facing Another Sunrise

Andy Harnsberger
• Serpent

L. Mark Lewis
• Book of Dances and Other Diversions

Traci Mendel
• Meditation on the Nature of Kali

Forrest Pierce
• Fenris

Steve Reich
• Clapping Music
• Nagoya Marimbas
• Piano Phase

David Skidmore
• Extremely Close

Gordon Stout
• Incoming! (Pearl Milk Tea)

Blake Tyson
• Vertical River

Carl Vollrath
• Listful Love
• Lili

Concerto Repertoire:

Michael Burritt
• Concerto for Marimba and Chamber Orchestra

Bill Cahn
• Rosewood Dreaming

Joseph Schwantner
• Concerto for Percussion

Jeff Tyzik
• Riffs

Nebojsa Jovan Zivkovic
• Tales from the Center of the Earth

Solo with Chamber Ensemble:

Bob Becker
• Mudra

Michael Burritt
• Rounders

Bill Cahn
• Rosewood Dreaming

Joseph Harchanko
• Pulse

Gordon Stout
• Route 666