Troy University Gear

The Troy University Percussion Studio’s instrument and equipment inventory is the finest in Alabama, and one of the finest in the Southeast! We are very fortunate to have tremendous support from our department chair and upper administration, which allows us to continually purchase, and upgrade our instruments.

Major Instruments:

• Marimbas

5.0-octave Malletech Roadster

5.0-octave Adams Artist Custom Classic

5.0-octave Yamaha YM-5100AC

4.6-octave (low E) Malletech Imperial Grand

• Vibraphones

3.5-octave (low C) Yamaha

3.0-octave Musser Gold Pro-Traveler

(2) 3.0-octave Yamaha Silver Studio

• Xylophones

4.0-octave Malletech Bob Becker, Ragtime

3.5-octave Yamaha Rosewood Symphonic

• Glockenspiels

2.6-octave (F-D) DeMorrow Orchestra Bells

2.5-octave Musser Concert Bells

2.5-octave Yamaha Concert Bells

• Chimes

1.5-octave Yamaha Silver Symphonic

• Crotales

Low octave of Zildjian Crotales

High octave of Zildjian Crotales

• Timpani

Set of 5- Adams Professional Generation II Hammered Copper

Set of 5- Adams Professional Generation II Smooth Copper

Set of 4- Yamaha Intermediate Series Smooth Copper

• Orchestral Snare Drums

14"x 5" Pearl Philharmonic (Aluminum)

14"x 5" Pearl Philharmonic (Maple)

14"x 6.5" Pearl Symphonic Series

14"x 5.5" Pearl Concert Series

(2) 14"x 6.5" Yamaha CSM Series

14"x 12" Pearl Philharmonic Field Drum

13"x 4.5" Yamaha CSM Series Piccolo

• Bass Drums

16"x 32" Pearl Philharmonic

18"x 36" Pearl Philharmonic

• Concert Toms

(2) Set of 6 Yamaha Concert Toms

• Drumsets

Yamaha Bebop (with 18" kick)

Yamaha Stage Custom Birch (with 22" kick)

Pearl Vision (with 24" kick)

Rogers (with 22" kick)

• Crash Cymbals

17" Sabian Synergy (Heavy)

18" Sabian Synergy (Medium)

18" Sabian Synergy (Heavy)

20" Sabian Synergy (Medium)

20" Sabian Synergy (Heavy)

21" Sabian Synergy (Heavy)

18" Sabian HHX Viennese

18" Zildjian Symphonic French

18" Zildjian Symphonic Viennese

18" Zildjian Symphonic German

20" Zildjian Symphonic German

20" Zildjian Constantinople Special Selection (Heavy)

• Suspended Cymbals

16" Sabian HHX Orchestral

17" Sabian HHX Orchestral

18" Sabian HHX Orchestral

20" Sabian HHX Orchestral

The Troy University Percussion Studio also has a large selection of smaller, auxiliary instruments; these include: various tambourines, triangles, castanets, roto-toms, woodblocks, temple blocks, effects cymbals, mallets/beaters, and plenty of hardware.