7 Reasons Composite Decking is Better Than Other Outdoor Flooring for Homes in Melbourne

In a place like Melbourne, which is never too hot or cold, an addendum like a deck, where people can entertain guests, watch a movie, read a book, or do outdoor dining, is preferred by many residents. A reason for the added attraction of a deck in Melbourne buildings is that many parts of the city are fringed by a beautiful bay and people can have fantastic views of the rippling waters and a rich cerulean sky from the decks of their buildings. A deck is a flat surface, generally constructed outdoors, in a position slightly elevated from the ground. It is built as an open extension to a building and may be surrounded by railings. And those who want to build a deck should ideally opt for composite decking because it has many advantages over conventional decking material for outdoor flooring. When you choose the experts at Futurewood, you are always ensured of getting the best quality composite decking solutions at affordable costs. 1.   Fewer maintenance requirements Wood, the conventional material used for decking, is not easy to maintain. It has to be polished or painted periodically to be retained in good condition. Timber often falls prey to mould, algae, and the growth of mildew which, apart from being bad to look at, may also cause slippage and become a safety hazard if left untreated. As against it, composite decking needs only regular cleaning with a brush or broom and occasional washing with good detergent and water. Composite decking is not susceptible to rot and insect attacks like timber, and only accumulated dust and debris have to be washed off. 2.   Longer lifespan Composite decking is highly durable. Manufacturers give as much as a quarter-century warranty for composite decking because it is resistant to splintering, splitting, fading, or rotting like wood. Again, unlike wood, constant exposure to elements of nature does not damage composite material. So, it remains without damage for a long time. 3.   Safe to use A deck is, like a floor, designed to support weight, and for this, composite decking material is most ideal. And decks made of Wood Plastic Composite (WPC), especially when it is the capped variety of WPC, are resistant to slipping. The enhanced resin used in the manufacture of capped composite gives the material good friction and prevents slipping. Decking material with a grooved or embossed pattern makes it extra-resistant to slipping. 4.   Aesthetic appeal Composite decking material comes in many colours, designs, and patterns so that customers have a wide range to choose from. They can choose a colour that matches that of the main building, or choose one to match the natural surroundings where the deck is set. Embossed patterns, which give the material a perfect wood finish, are also available in composite decking. 5.   Cost-Effectiveness Composite material is generally more expensive than wood, especially in areas where wood is available in abundance. This may affect the budget of some users, but in the long run, composite decks will be more advantageous because they will remain long without any need for repair or replacement. So, it is a safe investment and will be very cost-effective. 6.   Eco-Friendly Composite decking is not harmful to the environment because it uses recycled wood and plastic in its manufacture. Since fewer trees have to be cut for making WPC, it slows down the process of deforestation. And since decks made of composite material last much longer, they don’t have to be discarded or rebuilt periodically. So, the amount of waste produced is also less. 7.   New look Decks made of composites retain their new look even when they are old because they are highly resistant to wear and tear. As they do not split or peel, as far as they are washed periodically, they will always appear brand new. Conclusion As a composite deck does not split or splinter like wood, it is risk-free to walk barefoot on it. As gas grills can be safely used on it at the suggested height, a composite deck is also safe for managing a barbecue.

Best Long Distance Moving Company

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